Evaluating, Optimizing, Certifying – Security through Tests!

With analysis systems developed in-house and sophisticated testing procedures, AV-TEST, as a leading institute in the field of IT security, has been guaranteeing independent testing and certification of security products for over 15 years.

State-of-the-art tests, comprehensible and transparent

Cyber attacks and malware attacks on corporate users and private households are proving to be a lucrative business for resourceful criminals. In its product testing, AV-TEST relies on test methods and analysis software developed in-house, continuously adapted to the latest threat status by the Institute's own development department.

Testing expertise through many years of research

Many years of research activity and one of the largest malware databases in the world enable the AV-TEST experts to perform quick analysis of the effectiveness and attack vectors of the latest malware programs. That is why the automated detection systems of AV-TEST evaluate more than 3 million potentially malicious files, websites and emails every day. This stage also includes the fully automated detection and classification of malware programs.

Thousands of tests per year

The data collected by the AV-TEST systems are one of the foundations for realistic tests of security products. End users, corporate users, public agencies, providers of IT security products and media around the globe trust in the exact product analyses "Made in Germany". With thousands of individual and comparative tests per year, AV-TEST is among the worldwide leading test institutes for IT security.

Products certified by the AV-TEST Institute offer corporate users and end users reliable protection, tested according to the state of the art in technology. They are backed up by the internationally recognized seals of approval and certificates from the test institute based in Magdeburg, Germany.

The security experts also test IoT and eHealth products, applications for mobile devices, as well as the privacy policies of applications and services.

Test of security products for Windows

In the Windows laboratory, the product evaluated is subjected to the following standard test modules:

  • In the protection module, the malware experts at AV-TEST examine the protective effect against the latest malware attacks (real-world test) as well as against common malware (AV-TEST reference set). Clear findings in terms of the influence of the security product on the performance of the computer, e.g. when launching websites, downloading programs and other test scenarios reflecting daily use, are the outcome of an additional module. Whether and to what extent the use of tested products adversely affects the usability through false alarms is also put to the test.
  • In the test, successful products are recognized with the "AV-TEST Certified" (for home users) or "AV-TEST Approved” (for corporate users) certificates.

Test of security products for MacOS

In the Mac laboratory, the product evaluated is subjected to the following standard test modules:

  • In comprehensive tests involving protection, products are required to provide the best possible detection against different types of attacks especially aimed at MacOS. Effects on the usability of MacOS systems due to false alarms are the focus of an additional model. The testers determine the system load created due to security products by testing the performance in realistic test scenarios.
  • In the test, successful products are recognized with the "AV-TEST Certified" (for home users) or "AV-TEST Approved” (for corporate users) certificates.

Test of Android security products

In the Android laboratory, the product evaluated is subjected to the following standard test modules:

  • The AV-TEST experts examine the real-time detection provided by security apps for the very latest Android malware. Moreover, the detection effectiveness is measured for common malware, thus providing a clear view of the protection capabilities. The experts detect influences on the mobile device's usability by measuring the battery life and a possible slowing down of the test device. They check the network load generated by the security app and test for false alarms. In the function check, there are points for each useful feature providing additional protection for mobile devices, e.g. functions for locating, blocking and deleting stolen devices, parental control, backup and other functions.

In the test, successful products are recognized with the "AV-TEST Certified" certificate.

Test of Internet of Things products

In the IoT lab, the product evaluated is subjected to various test modules depending upon the product category. In general, all network-connected products are evaluated in terms of the following categories:

  • For device security, potential security flaws and vulnerabilities are on the test regimen, e.g. unprotected ports, as well as hardware and wireless interfaces. The testers also take a close look at the use of sufficient encryption and authentication procedures, the security against manipulating the device, as well as the option for security updates. The security of data communication is measured between the device and the app, as well as between the device, cloud services and app. Secure authentication, local storage of data and manipulation security of the app against attacks and reverse engineering are put to the test in the category of app and application security. The vital non-technical test criteria include data privacy.

In the test, successful products are recognized with the certificate for certified IoT security.

Individual standalone and comparison tests

Would you like to speak to us about tests specially tailored to your product, e.g. within the scope of product development or for quality management? Do you require a test report for a sales approach, also in comparison with competitors? Where needed, we focus not only on "traditional" areas such as antivirus or IoT, but also test other solutions for their security.

We look forward to your inquiry! We would be delighted to contact you for an individual proposal. To do so, simply fill out our contact form, and we will get in touch with you as soon as possible.

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