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Linux: 16 Security Packages Against Windows and Linux Malware Put to the Test

As Linux PCs are increasingly used to connect Windows PCs, they ought to use a security package as well. The lab at AV-TEST put 16 current security solutions to the test under Ubuntu – against Linux...

21 Internet security suites put to the test under Windows 8.1

The market offers many good Internet security suites – some even for free. But do the freeware guardians perform as well as those costing money? AV-TEST tested 22 applications and comes to the...

Test: 12 Android Apps for more Parental Control on Smartphones

Many children between the ages of 7 and 14 already have their own smartphone. That's why parents ought to ensure that one of the many installed apps provide parental control. AV-TEST thoroughly tested...


06.10.2015 | Permalink
Most free Anti-virus software fare poorly on Linux machines - AV-Test Laboratory -… via @Techworm_in
06.10.2015 | Permalink
@spider623 Ubuntu Desktop 12.04 LTS 64 bit (kernel 3.13.0-54) was used. If you need more details, please contact us:
06.10.2015 | Permalink
RT @NetworkWorld: AV-Test Lab tests 16 Linux antivirus products against Windows and Linux malware… via @networkworld
06.10.2015 | Permalink
RT @tomsguide: Linux Antivirus Software Tested, Many Products Fail
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