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Test: 12 Android Apps for more Parental Control on Smartphones

Many children between the ages of 7 and 14 already have their own smartphone. That's why parents ought to ensure that one of the many installed apps provide parental control. AV-TEST thoroughly tested...

Test: Parental control software for Windows and Mac OS X

Those who don't want their children to be exposed to early unattended lessons in the birds and the bees ought to use parental control software. It is available either as a standalone product or is...

AV-TEST Media Coverage II/2015

The test results published by AV-TEST on security suites for consumer and business users, security apps for Android, as well as additional security news items, provide a source to many media for their...


03.09.2015 | Permalink
The arts & cultural event by A. Joedecke takes place at the Alte Staatsbank Magdeburg.… [2/2]
03.09.2015 | Permalink
AV-TEST sponsors the project of modern underwater photography 'The Last Eden'. [1/2]
02.09.2015 | Permalink
@inkabuster In May 2014, we've published a paper on this topic: "Virtual Desktops Security Test Report" (PDF) ->…
02.09.2015 | Permalink
@PaulIddon1 No, you should only use one AV product on the same device at the same time. So either @avira, @avast_antivirus or another tool.
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