Test Modules under Android


Mobile devices now offer a range of functions similar to those of PCs. Accordingly, large amounts of sensitive information are processed and saved on smartphones. Compared to PCs, however, mobile devices require additional security features, e.g. for securing the telephone function or, in case the mobile device is lost, thus including the information stored on it.

Test of additional extra safety features

The following features are evaluated in this test

  • Anti-theft (remote lock / remote wipe / locate): locating or locking the device, or deleting the data on the device if it has been stolen

  • Call Blocker: blocks calls from specific or unknown numbers

  • Message Filter: filters messages and/or e-mails for unwanted content

  • Safe Browsing: protects the device against malicious websites and/or phishing websites

  • Parental Control: features that enable parents to limit or observe the activities carried out by children when using their device

  • Backup: enables personal data to be saved to SD card or cloud storage

  • Encryption: enables specific data to be encrypted (e.g. personal data on the device or SD card)

  • Other functions

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