Certified Security

AV-TEST seals are the sign of certified security. These seals of approval are only found on products that, after comprehensive tests, have been confirmed by AV-TEST Institute as complying with the high security levels when tested.

AV-TEST seal of approval for antivirus products

  • Home-user products that meet the high certification standards of the AV-TEST Institute are awarded the AV-TEST CERTIFIED seal of approval.
  • The AV-TEST APPROVED test certificate is reserved to products from the corporate solutions world.

All market-relevant products for the Windows, MacOS and Android operating systems are evaluated.

Structure of the AV-TEST test reports

The test reports of the AV-TEST Institute follow a standardized format, which varies depending upon the product groups tested. The following test criteria may be included in a test report:

  • Protection reflects the results of tests involving protection against malware and other attacks.
  • Performance demonstrates the influence of tested products on the speed of the test systems.
  • Usability indicates disturbing influences of tested products due to false alarms and possible limitations in using the Internet.
  • Features provides information on the selection of additional protection functions of a tested product.

Customers can use the AV-TEST Certification & Approval seals after succesfully passing a full testing cycle. The usage rights expire latest one year after the termination of the testing contract (see General Terms & Conditions, section 12).

AV-TEST seal of approval for Windows

  • Test rhythm: monthly
  • Publishing: bi-monthly
  • Categories: Protection, Performance, Usability
  • Points per category: max. 6 points
  • Overall point score: 18 points
  • Award of seal of approval: from 10 points
  • TOP PRODUCT label for outstanding products from an overall point score of 17.5 points.

AV-TEST seal of approval for Android:

  • Test rhythm: bi-monthly
  • Publishing: bi-monthly
  • Categories: Protection, Performance, Usability
  • Points per category: max. 6 points
  • Overall point score: max. 18 points
  • Award of seal of approval: from 10 points

AV-TEST seal of approval for MacOS

  • Test rhythm: starting in 2020 quarterly (formerly: semi-annual)
  • Publishing: starting in 2020 quarterly (formerly: semi-annual)
  • Categories: Protection, Performance, Usability
  • Award of seal of approval: from 10 points


Monitored Malware Protection for Windows and Android

This seal of approval confirms that a product has been regularly certified over the test period of an entire year. It provides information at a glance as to which products have been able to meet the AV-TEST security standards on a long-term basis and therefore offer good protection against cyber attacks. 

Secure Gateways for Corporate Users

Every data stream in or out of a company always flows through a gateway. The AV-TEST lab tests the security of gateways in the form of cloud solutions, VMs or even as hardware appliances, awarding them test certificates. This enables sales and product managers to achieve greater market acceptance for their gateway solutions. Read more ›


AV-TEST seal of approval for IoT and smart home products:

Security tests of networked devices require a complex approach. The object is to reflect the overall data security picture of smart home and IoT devices, as well as connected online services.

In order to receive the status label of "Approved Smart Home Product" or "Approved IoT Product", devices and services are required to meet the minimum standard established by AV-TEST in the following categories:

  • Communication
  • Data protection
  • Application security

The AV-TEST "Security Status" seals can be used by customers for a period of 6 months after receiving them.

The AV-TEST certificate for smart home and IoT:

  • Test rhythm: tests upon request
  • Categories: Communication, Data protection, Application security

The AV-TEST security status for smart home and IoT

In addition to the certification tests for IoT and smart home products, AV-TEST regularly carries out tests of especially market-relevant products. By doing so, AV-TEST is contributing to the selection of secure IoT products for consumers. These tests with a reduced testing scope involve a regimen to evaluate encryption, authentication and protection against attack. The tested products' level of protection is indicated by stars on the test label. Three stars are the maximum point score a product can receive.

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