Test Modules under MacOS


In the test of security programs for MacOS, the test candidates are required to face off against several threats, with which criminals, but also data-hungry advertising firms, threaten the security of Apple users. Because MacOS computers are also integrated into Windows networks, the security experts from AV-TEST additionally evaluate the security programs in terms of their ability to fend off common Windows malware.

Detection of widespread and prevalent malware discovered in the last 4 months (the AV-TEST reference set)

Compared to Windows and Android, the number of MacOS malware samples is indeed limited, yet it is continually growing, and native Mac malware is no less dangerous. The scope of these tests involves deployment of the AV-TEST reference set, a collection of the latest malware, in which no file is allowed to be older than 4 months. This enables a realistic evaluation of the threat scenario for MacOS systems and precisely records the detection performance of the tested products.

Test routine:

  1. Whereas the products for home users are installed with default settings, the manufacturer is able to specify the configuration of corporate solutions. The products are updated and have complete Internet access at all times.
  2. An on-demand scan generally occurs via the AV-TEST reference set. For all programs without an on-demand scan function, the files are launched in sequence on the test system.

AV-TEST creates identical and reproducible conditions for all the products within a test. For this purpose, the test routine for all products and for each test case is carried out simultaneously, and identically configured test systems are deployed.

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