Test Modules under MacOS

Performance (System Load)

To what extent does the use of an IT security product affect the speed of the protected system? The experts at the AV-TEST laboratory examine the ramifications on performance, using sophisticated tests under realistic conditions.

In order to examine the influence of security solutions on the speed, typical operations for daily work on computers are carried out, measured and analyzed.

Special attention is placed on:

  • Slower download of frequently-used applications

  • Slower launch of standard software applications

  • Slower installation of frequently-used applications

  • Slower copying of files (locally and in a network)

Each individual action is carried out several times so that a reliable average can be generated. Through additional measures, faulty measurements are ruled out, in order to determine reliable values for all products and test cases. These are compared to the values of the AV-TEST reference systems without security programs, and the difference is calculated. This difference ultimately indicates the system slow-down according to the actions carried out.

All functions that may possibly skew the measurement results are switched off prior to beginning the test. This applies to certain system functions, automatic updates or scans and backups.

The tests are carried out simultaneously on identical systems, in order to create comparable conditions. The data generated in the process deliver a representative image of the system slow-down, enabling a detailed comparison.

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