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AV-TEST Media Coverage III/2014

AV-TEST Media Coverage III/2014 ›


November 17, 2014 | Other

The latest test results and background articles on the topic of security are quoted each month by numerous print and online media. The test results are used by editors and security experts as basic...

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Press Review

Press Review ›


May 27, 2014 | Other

Every month, a multitude of different print and online media refer to the latest test results released by the AV-TEST GmbH laboratory. They often use the test values produced by the company's security...

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Press Coverage on AV-TEST

Press Coverage on AV-TEST ›


January 20, 2014 | Other

The test results obtained by the AV-TEST GmbH laboratory are very popular in both print and online media, with a large number of reports focusing on the test data published by the anti-virus experts....

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How to Delete Ransomware Trojans

How to Delete Ransomware Trojans ›


November 26, 2013 | Other

If you have fallen victim to a police Trojan or another ransomware Trojan, you can use a cleaning CD, DVD or prepared USB stick to delete it. This article will show you how!

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A Fatal Vulnerability in Windows and Office

A Fatal Vulnerability in Windows and Office › ...


November 08, 2013 | Other

Microsoft is currently warning users about a new fatal vulnerability in Windows Vista, Server 2008 and Office 2003 to 2010. The vulnerability is defined and explained under the code “CVE-2013-3906”. ...

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