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16 Apps for Android in an Endurance Test

According to statistics, there are over 2.5 billion Android devices worldwide. They need to be protected against more than 20 million malware threats. In an endurance test from January to June 2017,...

10 Antivirus Suites for MacOS Sierra Put to the Test

Additional security packages for the Mac were not popular, as in the past, they put too heavy a load on the system. The current test with 10 leading security packages for MacOS Sierra proves that many...

The IT Security Status at a Glance: The AV-TEST Security Report 2016/2017

No cause for concern due to the declining malware statistics? Far off target. Because the formula of the newly-developed attack strategies in 2016 is based on: Quality, not quantity! Whether it be...


24.07.2017 | Permalink
Coming soon: Virus scanners and security suites tested on Windows 10 (Version 1703 - Creator's Update)...
21.07.2017 | Permalink
AV-TEST Tip 10: Delete data properly.
21.07.2017 | Permalink
AV-TEST Tip 9: Back up data regularly.
21.07.2017 | Permalink
AV-TEST Tip 8: Use secure sources.
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