March 11, 2024 | Text: Markus Selinger | Awards
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AV-TEST Awards 2023 for AhnLab

It’s award season again! With its AV-TEST Awards 2023, the AV-TEST Institute is honoring the vendors of security products for consumer users and corporate users for the thirteenth time. Throughout the year 2023, the renowned institute examined a multitude of products on Windows, MacOS and Android platforms in its labs and awarded its highly coveted test certificates for excellent performance. Only the products that constantly proved their worth by consistently achieving top values throughout all tests are now being presented with one or even several of the sought-after AV-TEST Awards 2023 as a trophy to honor their success. The AV-TEST Institute is looking forward to not only presenting its awards but also celebrating its 20th anniversary. The 2023 Awards in the two Windows test categories of Best Advanced Protection for Consumer Users and Best Advanced Protection for Corporate Users go to AhnLab.

AV-TEST Awards 2023

for AhnLab


The AV-TEST Award – valuable confirmation of consistent IT security

Vendors, companies and users all expect a test structure that is constantly transparent and understandable, and AV-TEST fulfils every aspect of these expectations. All of the products tested at the AV-TEST Institute are subjected to a clearly defined test structure. The results of the tests are clearly documented, valid and authoritative. In the entire year 2023, the institute examined and evaluated security products at regular intervals in the test areas of Protection, Performance and Usability, using Windows, Mac and Android platforms. As an additional series of tests, the Advanced Threat Protection tests identify the special defensive capabilities of products, for example their ability to fend off ransomware or data stealers, in extremely detailed individual examinations.

All products that meet AV-TEST’s high criteria are awarded a certificate for tested security against IT threats. Products with achievements clearly above the industry standard when tested under Windows are additionally rewarded with the “TOP PRODUCT” label. At the end of 2023, all of the values recorded and labels awarded were combined to determine the winners of the AV-TEST Awards.

2024 is a special year for AV-TEST, marking the company’s 20th anniversary and its thirteenth award ceremony. At this year’s ceremony, 33 strong awards are being presented to 14 different vendors. Over the past twenty years, AV-TEST has conducted thousands of highly professional tests in its laboratories and published an abundance of expert reports. These have, in turn, provided IT security specialists and IT publications with a reliable source of information time and time again. Throughout the twenty years of the AV-TEST Institute to date, many vendors have also used the test certificates and awards presented by the company as evidence of their trustworthy status among retailers, traders and buyers.

AV-TEST Awards for AhnLab – outstanding IT security

In addition to the classic protection tests, the lab at AV-TEST performs the vital Advanced Threat Protection tests. In doing so, the experts evaluate in real-life scenarios step-by-step the defense of the protection software under Windows against attacks, such as ransomware or data stealers. Alongside detection, the advanced protection techniques and EDR functions are also evaluated. In this category, the solution from AhnLab demonstrated continuously strong protection. For this outstanding performance, the experts at the AV-TEST Institute conferred the Best Advanced Protection Award for Consumer Users under Windows on the product AhnLab V3 Internet Security. For consistently strong results in products for corporate environments, AhnLab V3 Endpoint Security also received from AV-TEST the Best Advanced Protection Award for Corporate Users under Windows.



"The security vendor, AhnLab, an established market player for many years now, demonstrated in advanced tests how well its protection product not only masters mere detection of the attackers, but is also capable of thwarting the malware in further steps. It is particularly pleasing to note that at AV-TEST, we are able to present to AhnLab a total of two awards in one section for two user groups. Thus we are conferring on AhnLab the deserved awards Best Advanced Protection for Consumer Users and Best Advanced Protection for Corporate Users under Windows", says Andreas Marx, CEO of AV-TEST.

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