August 27, 2018 | Commissioned tests, VPN tests
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VPN Trust Report 2018

A Virtual Private Network is a tool to provide anonymity, protect privacy from ISPs and websites collecting user data, enable security on public Wi-Fi hotspots and circumvent geolocation blocks to avoid censorship.

A test commissioned by AnchorFree

and performed by AV-TEST GmbH


The technologies used and the reliability of the protection has been reviewed and assessed in our previous report and should only be one part of an overall review. This report is about the credibility and trust of companies providing VPN solutions. When using a VPN the user trusts handing over their privacy to an external private or public company. The VPN provider may be able to access what the user is aiming to protect from the Internet Service Provider and other parties. The VPN may be able to intercept, sent and received packages, and create a detailed map of the user's online behavior. Trust is hard to measure and particularly difficult when we have no insights into the concerned parties or when the Companies providing the VPN service are not transparent. In order to find a method of evaluating how trustworthy a company appears, the transparency in regards to management, the requests for data handling and further company details need to be evaluated. When general information like this, which is commonly known for most companies, is not publicly made available in a clear and obvious manner it raises questions of responsibility, credibility and trust.

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