September 05, 2013 | Awards
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The AV-TEST INNOVATION AWARD Is Presented to Kaspersky Lab in September 2013


The security products produced by the company Kaspersky Lab have been standing out due to rapid and continuous improvements in their level of protection for many years. Kaspersky Lab was therefore recently presented with the AV-TEST INNOVATION AWARD 2013 in the category of Secure Online Transactions in recognition of its pioneering role in the pursuit of and battle against online criminals. The AWARD was presented to the CEO and co-founder of Kaspersky Lab, Eugene Kaspersky, in the German city of Magdeburg on 5th September 2013.

Kaspersky Lab boasts a number of impressive features, for example:

  • When dealing with online banking and other transactions, the company’s programs load a secure browser that precisely examines all websites, blocks phishing websites and protects the browser from being accessed by other programs on the PC. This secure browser prevents the activation of keyloggers, the creation of screenshots and the interaction of malicious software with the browser. The level of protection provided by the company’s programs is also increased by the use of a virtual keyboard that enables users to enter their passwords or PIN numbers.
  • The protection software not only checks the system for attacks by rootkits or other malware on a regular basis, but also actively searches for known security vulnerabilities in computers’ operating systems and installed programs. After all, such gateways can only be sealed off from malware and hackers when all updates have been installed.
  • The researchers at Kaspersky Lab make regular attempts to detect and deactivate botnets and spambots. They also actively explore the latest methods used by cyber criminals in order to identify developments and incorporate countermeasures into the company’s products.


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