December 11, 2019 | Commissioned tests
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Test of McAfee Endpoint Security for Linux

In August 2019, AV-TEST performed a review of the McAfee Endpoint Security for Linux to determine the static detection capabilities of Linux and Windows PE malware. A further requirement was to check the performance influence and whether the scanner provides malware detection without too many false positives.

A test commissioned by McAfee

and performed by AV-TEST GmbH


In order to conduct the test, several thousand malicious files from July 06 th to August 06th had been selected from AV-TEST analysis systems and third-party sources. Only those files that have been reported as being “prevalent malware” by at least two independent parties were used in the Windows test set.

In total 21,895 Linux malware files, and 3,698 Windows PE files were used for the malware detection test. For the false positive test two different sets were used. The first set contained 129,737 files from Linux Ubuntu installations. The second set contains 402,026 files from popular Windows programs from major download sites as well from Microsoft Windows and Office installations. Additionally, also a dynamic false positive test was conducted in which widespread Linux software was downloaded from their original source and then installed to check for false positives during typical user behavior.

Download Report (PDF)

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