September 01, 2016 | Awards
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ECS2 from Secucloud Receives Innovation Award from AV-TEST Institute

The constantly increasingly number of networked devices and the variety of platforms used in the process require new measures, also in private households, for the safeguarding of personal data and protection against Web-based threats. In the enterprise environment, centrally-managed and modular design cloud security services have long since been used to address these issues. No such protection has been available to end users up to now.


For the first time, Secucloud is now offering such a security infrastructure with the "ECS² - Elastic Cloud Security System" for mobile devices and private homes, which end users can sign up for via their Internet provider. AV-TEST is honoring this new security concept with the Innovation Award 2016.

It is no longer a rarity to find several PCs, smartphones and tablets being used in private households. Add to this several additional devices connected to the Internet, e.g. smart home, fitness and eHealth equipment. All these useful everyday helpers generate, collect and store what can be very personal data of their users, exchanging it with the corresponding Internet services. In doing so, these devices are based on widely-diverse software platforms and transfer protocols. In many cases, the administration and communication of this user data goes unprotected. As regular studies by the AV-TEST Institute indicate, thus far only very few manufacturers of household devices equipped to communicate over the Internet ensure secure storage and transmission of sensitive customer data. As a result, private households are becoming ever more lucrative targets of Web-based threats.

In the world of enterprise computing, for some time now, the defense against cyberattacks on work environments with diverse software platforms has been mounted via Unified Threat Management systems. This enables various security requirements to be merged centrally on one platform and to be safeguarded by third-party providers. The myriad tasks of these solutions include secured Internet access through firewalls, virus protection, intrusion detection systems (IDS), spam and surf protection as well as encrypted communication via VPN and regular reporting on potential hacking attempts.

As the first German provider, Secucloud is now also offering end users a comprehensive security concept according to industry standards. The modular design "Elastic Cloud Security System" (ECS²) operates purely as a software solution and can be installed by Internet service providers on their servers. This means that user data administered via ECS² remains within the realm of the access provider and does not necessarily need to pass through the hands of additional service providers. ECS² operates platform-independent, combining different security modules into one subscription model. Thus, incoming and outgoing data streams, for example, can be secured with the detection engines of several antivirus providers. Thanks to the SAND-SSL scan technology, even encrypted Web traffic can be examined for threats and malware. In this, for the first time, ECS² is offering end users an array of security mechanisms which in the past were reserved to enterprise customers.

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