August 09, 2021 | Commissioned tests
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Personal Identifiable Information Protection: Sensitive Data Discovery test

In June 2021 AV-TEST performed a Sensitive Data Discovery Test of the two solutions: Kaspersky Endpoint Security Cloud and Microsoft Office 365 E5. The test aimed to reveal the solutions’ capabilities to detect German Personal Identifiable Information (PII) in documents uploaded to an Office365 account and inform the system admin about the potential security issues.

A test commissioned by Kaspersky

and performed by AV-TEST GmbH


The set of test cases was created in the test lab and included six different types of German PII (identity card number, passport number, social insurance number (SIN), tax identification number (TIN), residence permit number, driving license number) plus three different types of Banking Cards. These numbers were generated in accordance with related legal and technical regulations and were represented in several valid styles before being integrated into readable texts, and saved in ten popular office document types with valid and invalid file extensions. Additionally, False Positives levels of the solutions were measured.

During the test, the products were expected to detect PII and prevent false positive detections on non-PII numbers. The best results were achieved by Kaspersky with a 100% detection rate for all seven tested German PII types while avoiding any false positive detections. Regardless of any appropriate changes to the allowed PII delimiters or customization of file extension, the product managed to detect all files with variations.

The build-in Office 365 protection managed to detect just under 25% of the sensitive data shared in three out of the seven tested PII. Additionally, several non-sensitive data files were falsely detected. Only 40% of the previously detected files were detected once the file extensions were changed. When changing the allowed PII delimiter the detection rate of the previously detected files dropped to one in five.

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