January 22, 2024 | VPN tests
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PC Matic VPN Test Report 2023

The evaluation of PC Matic VPN in September 2023 presents an insightful analysis into its efficacy as a cybersecurity solution. The findings are drawn from comprehensive testing aimed at determining the VPN's ability to ensure secure, private, and unimpeded internet usage.

PC Matic VPN Test Report 2023

performed by AV-TEST GmbH


The scope of the assessment encompassed a range of essential aspects, such as the stability of connections, speed benchmarks, the robustness of encryption protocols, privacy features, the user interface's design quality, and the breadth of the server network. The array of tests performed was intended to mirror various real-world uses, providing a well-rounded overview of the VPN's performance capabilities. 

Key Findings: 

1. Connection Quality and Speed: Results indicate that PC Matic VPN maintains a high standard of connection stability and speed, facilitating seamless online activities such as streaming in high definition, engaging in online gaming, and managing significant data transfers without substantial speed degradation. 

2. Advanced Encryption: The VPN employs industry-standard 256-bit AES encryption, safeguarding user data effectively. Such encryption is essential in safeguarding sensitive information against the increasingly complex cyber threats prevalent today. 

3. Privacy Assurance: PC Matic VPN has proven effective in obscuring user IP addresses, offering a significant barrier against intrusive tracking and enhancing user anonymity on the internet, a critical component for users who prioritize discretion in their online activities. 

4. Interface and Usability: The VPN's interface is crafted for straightforward navigation, enabling users to effortlessly manage settings and preferences. This ease of use is crucial for accommodating a diverse user base, including those without extensive technical experience. 

5. Server Network Diversity: The VPN's extensive server network ensures that users can access a varied selection of content across different regions, an advantageous feature for overcoming regional content restrictions and for those requiring global content access during travel. 

To sum up, PC Matic VPN has proven its competence in key operational domains, affirming its strong presence in the VPN industry. It stands out for its high-speed connectivity, advanced encryption standards, and solid privacy features, making it a sound choice for users aiming to bolster their online security and privacy. 

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