January 16, 2024 | Commissioned tests
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Evaluation of Netskope Intelligent Security Service Edge

In November 2023, AV-TEST performed a test of Netskope Intelligent Security Service Edge (SSE), focusing on blocking malicious URLs and phishing websites as well as false positive avoidance. The test is evaluating the protection at 'time zero' as well as the differences in the detection found in a retest four hours later. The test was commissioned by Netskope.

A test commissioned by Netskope

and performed by AV-TEST GmbH


To ensure a fair review, Netskope did not supply any samples (such as malicious or clean samples, URLs or associated metadata) and did not influence or have any prior knowledge of the samples tested. All tested links and malicious samples were verified by AV-TEST as recent and active. 

The test focused on the detection rate of http and https links pointing directly to portable executables (PEs) malware (e.g., EXE, DLL, and other executable files), links pointing to non-PE malicious files (e.g., html, JavaScript, MS Office files) as well as phishing URLs. A total of 3,420 malicious samples were tested in the first run. The one-hour retest used 3278 malicious remaining active samples while the four-hour retest used 3087 malicious remaining active samples. 

In addition, AV-TEST assessed the false positive rates by downloading well-known applications from both http and https websites. An additional false positive test was performed against known clean popular websites from Alexa’s top list. A total of 2,659 test cases were used to check if the product incorrectly detects benign content as malicious, which could be potentially disruptive. 

The full details of the test setup and the testing scenarios can be found in the following sections of this test report. 

Download Report (PDF)

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