January 23, 2023 | Commissioned tests
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Evaluation of ForeNova NovaCommand

AV-TEST conducted a comprehensive evaluation of ForeNova NovaCommand Network Detection and Response (NDR) in December 2022, with a focus on detecting and responding to malicious activity within an enterprise network.

A test commissioned by ForeNova

and performed by AV-TEST GmbH


The test consisted of three scenarios, each designed to simulate the actions of advanced persistent threats (APTs):

Scenario 1: Database server breach - extracting data from a database

Scenario 2: Encrypting sensitive data, Ransomware - encrypting data on target host

Scenario 3: Cryptojacking, crypto mining malware - using system resources to mine cryptocurrency

During the test, ForeNova NovaCommand effectively tracked and alerted on the simulated threat actor's actions as they moved through the network and carried out further malicious activities. These results demonstrate the importance of having robust network detection and response capabilities in place to protect against advanced threats.

Overall, NovaCommand provided good coverage of the attacker behavior and helps IT personnel detect advanced attacks. The test results showed that NovaCommand detected the majority of steps in the three test scenarios and reported on the techniques used. In Scenario 1, only the Command and Control and Exfiltration steps were not detected. All other tactics and techniques were well covered. In Scenario 2 all steps were detected. In Scenario 3, some techniques in the Discovery and Lateral Movement stage were missed while techniques were detected in the Initial Access and Command and Control stages. These results indicate that NovaCommand is effective at detecting and reporting on a range of tactics and techniques used by attackers, which can aid IT professionals in identifying and responding to potential threats. The full details of the test setup and the testing scenarios can be found in the following sections of this test report.

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