July 19, 2013 | Awards
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AWARD for Lookout in July 2013

AWARD for Lookout in July 2013
AWARD for Lookout

in July 2013


The AV-TEST INNOVATION AWARD 2013 in the category of Mobile Security has been presented to the company Lookout for its special product innovations, detection of extremely important security vulnerabilities and its role as a pioneer in ensuring that apps collect less private data. The company received the award at a special ceremony in San Francisco on 19th July 2013.

Lookout particularly stands out due to the following developments and innovations:

  • Lookout recently discovered an initial security vulnerability in Google Glass, which apparently directed users to websites with controlled infections with no warning whatsoever.
  • Lookout was the first provider to offer a “Lock Cam” function in its “Lookout” app, which informs smartphone owners when a false password is entered on their device three times in a row. Lock Cam then uses the device’s front-mounted camera to take a photograph of the current user, which it sends to the owner by e-mail together with details of the device’s most recent location, thus enabling device owners to quickly catch data thieves.
  • Lookout was also the first provider to come up with the idea of a “Signal Flare”, a function that identifies mobile devices' battery statuses and sends owners an e-mail containing details of their device's last known location when its battery level drops below 15 percent.


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