February 20, 2019 | Awards
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AV-TEST Awards 2018 go to Trend Micro

Only the best IT protection solutions are contenders for the internationally recognized AV-TEST Awards. After all, with this award, the independent test institute honors only the most effective security products that have shown outstanding performance during a one-year test phase and thus set new standards for the IT security industry. Trend Micro continuously demonstrated top performance throughout the entire 2018 test season, and therefore receives the AV-TEST Award 2018 in the test categories of "Best Protection" and "Best Performance".

AV-TEST Awards 2018 go to Trend Micro
AV-TEST Awards 2018

go to Trend Micro


Simply the Best!

Products certified by the AV-TEST Institute are tested according to the state of the art in technology and have a worldwide reputation for reliable protection. End users, corporate users, public agencies, providers of IT security products and media around the globe trust in the exact product analyses "Made in Germany". Products tested and certified with utmost due diligence by AV-TEST guarantee the best possible protection against current threats.

Once a year, manufacturers of antivirus products also have the opportunity to set themselves apart from other security products and to become 'knighted' with an AV-TEST Award. However, this requires continuous peak performance in at least one test category and throughout the test period of an entire year. 

The AV-TEST Awards – a year of peak performance

In the daily fight against cyber attacks, an antivirus software manufacturer wages battle on many fronts. Thus, it is not only a question of ensuring that a product can match up against international competition, it is also about implementing a service-minded security promise made to the customer when the product is purchased. Only the most innovative research and development achievements can lead to consistent peak performance, which the AV-TEST Institute regularly puts to the test in its monthly side-by-side tests. With "Internet Security” and “OfficeScan“, Trend Micro put two top contenders into the lineup in 2018 which were able to meet the high standards of the AV-TEST Institute in several categories.

In the area of consumers, Trend Micro receives recognition for best protection on Windows systems: The Best Protection 2018 Award for outstanding protection goes to that manufacturer's "Internet Security" product.

In the corporate sector, AV-TEST is recognizing the product "Trend Micro OfficeScan" with the Best Performance 2018 Award for its strong protection with minimal reduction of system performance. 



Maik Morgenstern, CTO AV-TEST GmbH: In 2018, Trend Micro consistently stood out with stellar ratings both in the consumer field with its "Internet Security" product and in corporate computing with its "OfficeScan" protection solution. That is why AV-TEST presents the Trend Micro products with the "Best Protection 2018" and "Best Performance 2018" Awards. 

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