March 02, 2023 | Text: Markus Selinger | Awards
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AV-TEST Award 2022 for PC Matic

With the AV-TEST Award 2022, the AV-TEST Institute declares the best products in the area of IT Security. The globally known and renowned research institute for IT security examined the lion's share of security products on the market for consumer users and corporate users for a whole year in its laboratories. The award assessment was based on all the findings the experts derived and recorded within the one-year cycle for each product. With its award, AV-TEST honors products that were able to achieve consistent peak ratings in the long-term results. The 2022 Awards in the two test categories of Best Performance for Consumer Users and Best Advanced Protection for Consumer Users under Windows go to PC Matic.

AV-TEST Award 2022 for PC Matic
AV-TEST Award 2022

for PC Matic


AV-TEST Award – for tested IT Security

All products tested by the AV-TEST Institute are evaluated according to a predetermined test structure. This is always transparent for companies and users and can be logically understood at all times. In one year of tests, the security products are examined and evaluated multiple times in the test areas of Protection (protection function), Performance (speed) and Usability (user-friendliness). In addition, there are also the Advanced Threat Protection tests, in which the special effectiveness of products in fending off ransomware, for example, is put to the test. For the successful completion of a test, the security solution receives a test certificate for tested security against IT threats. Products for Windows completing a test with achievements clearly above the industry standard are honored by rewarding them the extra evaluation of "TOP PRODUCT".

Each individual value that a product delivers in a test year is added into a large, internal evaluation matrix of the AV-Test Institute. If a security solution is able to demonstrate peak results throughout the entire year, it has the opportunity to receive one of the coveted AV-TEST awards. All individual tests in the year 2022 now form the basis for choosing and presenting the awards in the spring of 2023. Many companies can look forward to one or several of the 26 awards in total at the 12th award ceremony of the AV-TEST awards, which has now become a rich tradition. In doing so, they receive not only a certificate for the tested security of their product but also recognition for their consistent development and research work. The presentation of an AV-TEST award is also proof for consumer users and corporate users that they are buying or already using a product with tested and award-winning security.

AV-TEST Award for PC Matic – more than just recognition

The performance issue used to be one of the greatest sources of annoyance for users when it came to security software. For this reason, the performance test has always been an integral element of all evaluations of security software under Windows in the labs at AV-TEST. In this field, PC Matic with its protection package Application Whitelisting showed continuously that good protection only needs very few system resources. For this economy and related positive results in the evaluation in the test year 2022, the lab at AV-TEST conferred on PC Matic Application Whitelisting the AV-TEST Best Performance 2022 Award under Windows for Consumer Users.

In the award round 2022, the AV-TEST Institute for the first time selected winners in the new test category of Advanced Threat Protection. In this type of live tests, the lab evaluated attack scenarios, for example due to ransomware, step by step. In doing so, it recorded when the attack was detected and in which step it was stopped, or not stopped, or only partially thwarted. For its exceptional performance in this test category, the AV-Test Institute chose PC Matic Application Whitelisting for the Best Advanced Protection 2022 Award under Windows for Consumer Users.

"We want to wholeheartedly congratulate PC Matic on the two coveted awards. Especially under Windows, in addition to protection, performance is an extremely frequent question of concern for users, due to the speed with which a system watchdog operates. PC Matic was able to garner not only the important Performance Award but also the special Advanced Protection 2022 Award under Windows, which proves the security in the test, step by step", said Andreas Marx, CEO of AV-TEST.



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