March 01, 2022 | Awards
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AV-TEST Award 2021 for Kaspersky

The internationally renowned AV-TEST Institute has crowned the best IT security products of the year for consumers and corporate users with the AV-TEST Award 2021. Over an evaluation period of 12 months, involving comprehensive testing, the experts documented the top scores of all the products and have now decided on the awards for these outstanding results. The 2021 Awards in the five test categories of Best Protection and Best Performance for Consumer Users, as well as Best Protection, Best Performance and Best Usability for Corporate Users, go to Kaspersky.

AV-TEST Award 2021 for Kaspersky
AV-TEST Award 2021

for Kaspersky


AV-TEST Award – proof of IT security

Each product evaluated at the AV-TEST Institute is required to undergo demanding and realistic tests in the lab over the course of an entire year. The challenge is to consistently excel in the test categories of Protection, Performance and Usability. Successful products each then receive a test certificate for tested security against IT threats. To top it off, a Windows product that also performs significantly better than the industry standard receives the additional accolade of "Top Product".
If a product manages to maintain its stellar performance in several or all test categories throughout the entire year, it qualifies as candidate for the sought-after AV-TEST Awards. This well-known award is now in its 11th year, and for many companies, it serves as vital proof that their efforts to create a secure product have paid off. Because special award distinction by a renowned, independent institute fosters a high level of confidence, not only in the IT security industry but also among customers in the consumer and corporate sector. Likewise, it is a just reward to providers of security solutions who consistently invest in research and development.

AV-TEST Awards for Kaspersky – in recognition of outstanding performance

In all tests in the year 2021, Kaspersky showed outstanding performance in consumer protection against cyberthreats under Windows 10. For these successful test results throughout the entire year, Kaspersky Internet Security received the AV-TEST Best Protection 2021 Award for Consumer Users.

At the same time, the protection software from Kaspersky proved to put an extremely low load on system resources of the Windows test PCs over the whole year of 2021. For this achievement, the AV-TEST Institute recognized Kaspersky Internet Security with the AV-TEST Best Performance 2021 Award for Consumer Users.

When it comes to security solutions for companies, Kaspersky received accolades in a total of three test categories. To begin with, the Kaspersky corporate solution's flawless and outstanding protection under Windows throughout the whole test year of 2021 deserved recognition. That is why the experts gave the AV-TEST Best Protection 2021 Award for Corporate Users to Kaspersky Endpoint Security.

In addition to reliable and extremely high-level protection, the product demonstrated the lowest usage of system resources among Windows solutions for corporate environments. This performance was recognized as well, thus Kaspersky Endpoint Security received the distinction of the AV-TEST Best Performance 2021 Award for Corporate Users.

In all the tests in the year 2021, Kaspersky Endpoint Security demonstrated especially high reliability in the test category where the product was evaluated in terms of false alarm rates. Not a single false positive or any other incorrect warning was triggered, thus the Institute recognized the corporate solution for Windows with the AV-TEST Best Usability 2021 Award for Corporate Users.

"The Kaspersky products tested in the lab – Internet Security and Endpoint Security – repeatedly achieved top rankings during the entire year of 2021. With a total of five awards, the AV-TEST Institute rewarded the high dependability of Kaspersky's protection solutions against cyberthreats for consumers and corporate users. In particular, the awards provided invaluable appreciation and accolades for the research and development work that Kaspersky puts into greater protection against all forms of cyberattacks", says Maik Morgenstern, CEO of AV-TEST.






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