March 09, 2021 | Awards
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AV-TEST Award 2020 for Kaspersky

This is the tenth time that the AV-TEST Institute is presenting its internationally renowned award for the best IT security products. The 2020 award in the test category of performance goes to the product "Endpoint Security" from manufacturer Kaspersky. The security program stood out thanks to continuously outstanding achievements, demonstrated in comprehensive tests throughout the period of the entire test year.

AV-TEST Award 2020 for Kaspersky
AV-TEST Award 2020

for Kaspersky


The AV-TEST Award – a game changer in the IT security industry

Even achieving a test certificate in regular and successfully completed tests is clear recognition of excellence. Because it recommends a product that has been evaluated by the AV-TEST Institute as a powerful tool in fending off IT threats. Certified security products and services receive the clear buying recommendation of our laboratory experts. In addition, products for Windows with achievements clearly above the industry standard are honored by rewarding them the extra evaluation of "Top Product". 

The AV-TEST Award, however, goes even far beyond that. The coveted trophy is earned only by IT security products that were able to set new standards in all the tests during the test period of the past year. It is thus recognized certification of continuous peak achievements by manufacturers and developers, and it recognizes security products at the highest level. At the same time, this award fosters trust among consumers, corporate users and representatives of the media across the globe, who are looking at and guided by the regular product tests of the AV-TEST Institute.

AV-TEST Award for Kaspersky – certified proof of peak excellence

With its security program "Endpoint Security", Kaspersky managed in 2020 to prove itself in the competition of corporate products under Windows 10 as a game changer in the continuous battle against cybercriminals. 

Thanks to the extremely low use of system capacity, with simultaneously excellent protection over the test period of an entire year, "Endpoint Security" earned the recognition of the AV-TEST Institute. Consequently, the Best Performance 2020 Award for corporate products under Windows is presented to Kaspersky.

"Extremely low use of resources and high protection are essential in the corporate computing environment. With 'Endpoint Security' from Kaspersky, companies are on the safe side, without putting an unnecessary load on their IT systems", confirms Maik Morgenstern, CEO of AV-TEST. 

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