March 19, 2020 | Awards
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AV-TEST Award 2019 for Kaspersky

With the AV-TEST Award, the leading test institute for IT security selects each year the best products in their class. To be honored with one of the internationally renowned awards, however, IT security products have to score the highest ratings in comprehensive tests throughout the test period of one full year. Kaspersky managed to achieve precisely that with six of its products. The 2019 AV-TEST Awards in the test categories of protection (Consumer), performance (Business), usability (Business) as well as repair go this year to Kaspersky.

AV-TEST Award 2019 for Kaspersky
AV-TEST Award 2019

for Kaspersky


The AV-TEST certificate: excellent performance documented

Already upon receipt of an AV-TEST certificate, an IT security product proves that it complies with the strictest test criteria and lives up to "Made in Germany" product analyses. Around the globe, consumers, corporate users, government agencies and consulting firms for over 15 years have trusted in the performance capability of security products, as certified by AV-TEST. Moreover, IT trade publications, along with large mainstream media, have been regularly guided by the published product tests, carried out in the labs of the renowned AV-TEST Institute under realistic test scenarios to evaluate the latest threats. Products tested and certified with utmost due diligence by AV-TEST guarantee the best possible protection against current threats. Products that demonstrate outstanding performance within the scope of certification tests are designated by AV-TEST as a "Top Product".

AV-TEST Awards for Kaspersky – certified proof of peak excellence

In order to clearly differentiate themselves from their competitors, manufacturers of security solutions also receive a unique opportunity each year: winning one of the coveted AV-TEST Awards. Only products that make a high-performance finish in the AV-TEST labs throughout the test period of an entire year are allowed to claim this proof of absolute peak performance. With the AV-TEST Awards, a security product proves not only its technical superiority. Above all, it proves that it is documented as being the best the market currently has to offer in the fight against cyber attacks. 

With "Internet Security", "Endpoint Security", "Small Office Security" as well as "Virus Removal Tool", Kaspersky added to the lineup a total of four top products in 2019 which met the high test standards of the AV-TEST Institute. In the consumer field, Kaspersky receives recognition for best protection and is thus given the Best Protection 2019 Award by the AV-TEST Institute. In the corporate field, Kaspersky is recognized for the test year 2019 with the Best Performance Award and receives the Best Usability Award twice, as well as the Best Repair Award twice.

"Last year, the products from Kaspersky showed excellent results throughout the entire range. Thus, Kaspersky earned not only one award for the best protection but also five other accolades," says Andreas Marx, CEO of AV-TEST. Hardly any other software was able to achieve such stellar results in the category of protection for consumer users in the annual test. In addition, Kaspersky receives five other awards in the categories of performance, usability and repair.







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