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24th April 2014

8 Security Solutions for Companies Complete an Endurance Test

AV-TEST recently spent the entire 6-month period between September 2013 and February 2014 testing...

23rd April 2014

Win XP, 7 & 8.1: Internet Security Suites Complete an Endurance Test Lasting 6 Months

Between September 2013 and February 2014, the laboratory experts at AV-TEST subjected 24 Internet...

18th February 2014

30 Security Apps for Android Take On 2200 Pieces of Malware

30 current security apps for Android recently had to fend off 2200 pieces of the latest malware in...

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Detailed Test Reports - Home User

All products analysed by AV-TEST are tested in terms of their performance in the categories of Protection, Performance and Usability. From now on, the results of our tests in the area of Repair Performance will be published in separate test reports. These tests take place over a longer period of time and not only examine regular anti-virus products, but also recovery media and specialised cleaning programs.

You can access the test reports relevant to you by selecting your operating system or the product that you use from the lists below. Products for end users receive a certificate that provides evidence of their security as confirmed by AV-TEST. The most recent test results can be found here.




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