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Recognition of IT security products with the best annual performance in 2014.

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Internet Security Packages: the best products at modest prices

AV-TEST lab recently tested 22 Internet security suites for their protection, performance and usability. Well-known suites that charge a fee for their services scored the best results. Depending upon...

Test: Fitness Wristbands Reveal Data

Fitness wristbands save and transmit the wearer's data directly to the smartphone, then normally without any detours directly into the cloud. Is this secure? Is it possible for everyone to see,...

Mac OS X under attack – 10 security packages put to the test

The legend that Mac OS X is supposedly invincible is not borne out by the facts. In the aftermath of major attacks by Flashback, the police Trojan Browlock or Shellshock, the number of assaults on Mac...


[AV-TEST] Internet Security Packages: the best products at modest prices -
Update #10: AV detections by @CYRENInc (full) and @symantec (partial) are available. @MalwareMustDie #CVE-2015-1427
Update #9... is not really an update, as we cannot report any AV detection change. @MalwareMustDie #CVE-2015-1427
Update #8: The first AV with full detection is @avast_antivirus - see below. @MalwareMustDie #CVE-2015-1427
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