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Recognition of IT security products with the best annual performance in 2014.

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Mac OS X under attack – 10 security packages put to the test

The legend that Mac OS X is supposedly invincible is not borne out by the facts. In the aftermath of major attacks by Flashback, the police Trojan Browlock or Shellshock, the number of assaults on Mac...

Endurance Test: Does antivirus software slow down PCs?

Critics maintain that protection software for Windows really puts the brakes on PCs. In a 14-month, extremely comprehensive performance endurance test, AV-TEST examined the trade-off of performance...

AV-TEST Media Coverage I/2015

Many media, e.g. computer magazines, IT portals, daily newspapers, along with news websites, report on current tests or studies from AV-TEST. Below you'll find a brief synopsis of the key media and...


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