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18th February 2014 Markus Selinger

30 Security Apps for Android Take On 2200 Pieces of Malware

30 current security apps for Android recently had to fend off 2200 pieces of the latest malware in the AV-TEST laboratory. This amount may sound like an easy task, but the 2200 attackers used represent the most dangerous and...[more]

5th February 2014 Markus Selinger

25 Internet Security Suites Are Put to the Test Using Windows 8.1

According to Microsoft, Windows 8.1 is already equipped with good tools for increased protection when installed on PCs. The latest test carried out by AV-TEST, however, shows that these tools are insufficient. Only by using an...[more]

4th February 2014 Markus Selinger

The Protection Provided by Security Solutions for the Office Workplace on Windows 8 Systems

Which option provides better protection for your company PC: the protection solution from Microsoft supplied with computers as a server/client package or a product from a well-known security software manufacturer? The laboratory...[more]

20th January 2014 Markus Selinger

Press Coverage on AV-TEST

The test results obtained by the AV-TEST GmbH laboratory are very popular in both print and online media, with a large number of reports focusing on the test data published by the anti-virus experts. Alongside the security...[more]

15th January 2014 Andreas Marx

The End Is Nigh for Windows XP: These Anti-Virus Software Products Will Continue to Protect XP after the End of Support

On 8th April 2014, the time will finally have come for Microsoft to stop its support services for Windows XP and cease to provide security updates and other forms of assistance for the operating system. Nevertheless, a large...[more]

18th December 2013 Markus Selinger

Microsoft Puts XP in the Firing Line

Microsoft will be completely stopping all of its support services for Windows XP, including important security updates, on 8th April 2014. As a result, it will no longer be possible for users to patch up system vulnerabilities,...[more]

4th December 2013 Markus Selinger

Adobe & Java Make Windows Insecure

A long-term examination carried out by AV-TEST has proven that Adobe’s Reader and Flash and all versions of Java are together responsible for a total of 66 percent of the vulnerabilities in Windows systems exploited by malware....[more]

26th November 2013 Markus Selinger

Police Trojans – Serious Impostors

Trojans are able quickly to worm their way onto poorly protected computers and the newest Trojan attackers truly are as hard as nails. In this article, we will tell you about how Trojans get into a system, what they want and how...[more]

26th November 2013 Markus Selinger

How to Delete Ransomware Trojans

If you have fallen victim to a police Trojan or another ransomware Trojan, you can use a cleaning CD, DVD or prepared USB stick to delete it. This article will show you how![more]

11th November 2013 Markus Selinger

Four Patch Management Solutions Are Put to the Test

Patch management plays a major role in ensuring security on corporate computers, on which software that has been badly updated or not updated at all provides an immediate gateway for attackers and malware. AV-TEST tested four...[more]

8th November 2013 Andreas Marx

A Fatal Vulnerability in Windows and Office

Microsoft is currently warning users about a new fatal vulnerability in Windows Vista, Server 2008 and Office 2003 to 2010. The vulnerability is defined and explained under the code “CVE-2013-3906”.[more]

8th October 2013 Markus Selinger

9 Endpoint Security Suites Complete an Endurance Test on Consistent Security

Between March and August 2013, the AV-TEST experts permanently tested 9 solutions designed for small and medium-sized companies. The results of these 6 months of work revealed that there are indeed a number of solutions available...[more]

19th August 2013 Markus Selinger

The Best Internet Security Suites for Windows Complete an Endurance Test Lasting 6 Months

After three complex tests and six months of work between January and June 2013, the laboratory experts at AV-TEST have now achieved their objective: The first part of the company’s endurance test is complete and many of the test...[more]

5th August 2013 Markus Selinger

AV-TEST in the Media

The test results obtained by the AV-TEST GmbH laboratory are very popular in both print and online media, with a large number of reports focusing on the test data published by the anti-virus experts. Alongside the security...[more]

4th July 2013 Markus Selinger

Security Apps under Permanent Stress

The AV-TEST Endurance Test on Security Apps for Android – January to June 2013. All owners of smartphones and tablets with Android operating systems are on the lookout for the best protection app for their device. AV-TEST...[more]

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