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Certified Security

Signs that You Can Trust

By awarding the AV-TEST CERTIFIED and AV-TEST APPROVED CORPORATE ENDPOINT PROTECTION seals of approval, the AV-TEST Institute confirms that the products that it has analysed and evaluated as secure complied with the required security level when tested.

The seals of approval provide evidence that the tested products have achieved all of the levels of performance required and defined by AV-TEST in the categories of their protective effect (PROTECTION), PERFORMANCE and influence on the USABILITY of the system. The certificate number specified on the seal of approval refers to the detailed test report. The inspection seal of approval can be used by manufacturers as a communication tool and can be displayed directly on the product box of the security software.

THE AV-TEST Seal of Approval

Home-user products that meet the certification standards of the AV-TEST Institute are awarded the AV-TEST CERTIFIED seal of approval.

The AV-TEST APPROVED CORPORATE ENDPOINT PROTECTION seal of approval is awarded to products for companies with regard to endpoint protection. Due to the complex and diverse range of uses of such products in a company network, AV-TEST analyses these protection solutions on the basis of the settings recommended by the software manufacturers.

Certification Intervals and Product Selection

The certification procedure takes place every two months, with the selection of products, number of products and the operating system used varying with each interval. The certification procedure analyses current prevalent products that are used in normal practice. These products are selected using independent criteria and according to the discretion of the AV-TEST Institute.

The Structure of the Test Report

The test report displays the test period, the report number, the product name and version number, the operating system used, a copy of the certificate and an installation snapshot. The main part of the report focuses on the 3 test categories of Protection, Repair and Usability and displays the number of points awarded in the form of a bar chart.

PROTECTION examines the product according to its protective effect against zero-day malware attacks, the blocking of malicious software during execution as well as malware discovered during the test period and the detection of common malware.

USABILITY and PERFORMANCE analyses the influence of the security software on the usability of the entire system, looking at the average slowing down of the computer when the software is used on a daily basis, false positives during a system scan and the display of false warnings or the blocking of certain actions during the installation and during the use of known good software.

REPAIR inspects the product in terms of its repair performance in an infected system. This is specified according to the removal of all active components of common malware and the removal of further defective components that have caused system changes due to the influence of the malicious software and in terms of the product’s performance when detecting and removing specially hidden malware (rootkits).

Every sub-item of these main categories is assessed on a monthly basis throughout the test period. The performance level achieved is classified as a percentage value of the general average business value. The result in each category is presented in the form of a bar chart.

Home-user products must achieve at least 10 of the 18 points available and at least 1 point in each category in order to earn an "AV-TEST CERTIFIED" seal of approval.

Corporate solutions must achieve 10 of the 18 points available and at least 1 point in each category in order to receive the "AV-TEST APPROVED" seal of approval.