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Internet Security


2016 & 2017

For consumer users: Kaspersky Lab Internet Security

Based on the unsurpassed strong test results in the category of usability, the AV-TEST BEST USABILITY 2016 AWARD goes to Internet Security, a product from Kaspersky Lab. No other security solution offers greater convenience to consumer users. No other consumer product in the test is less unsettling for users in terms of false positives than the Kaspersky software. 


Kaspersky Lab Internet Security boasts some impressive features

The sheer mass of files that PCs of consumer users are required to constantly process is proof of how important good usability is to users. Because in thousands of cases, a security solution has to decide whether a file presents a danger or not. Constant warnings irritate users and can lead them to shut down important security functions. That is why a minimum of false positives, as offered by Kaspersky Lab's Internet Security, is an important quality criterion, which AV-TEST recognizes with the BEST USABILITY 2016 AWARD.

"Kaspersky Lab Internet security provides unobtrusive yet strong security, without unsettling users, and thus enables relaxed PC and Internet use."
Maik Morgenstern, CTO AV-TEST GmbH