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Virus Removal Tool



Best clean-up tool: Kaspersky Virus Removal Tool

Throughout an endurance test lasting over 8 months and 4 test rounds, the AV-TEST lab infected over 120 Windows systems with malware specimens. Each individual system was required to be cleaned and restored by 4 additional special tools and the Kaspersky Virus Removal Tool. The tool from Kaspersky performed impeccably in almost 99 percent of the test cases, thus garnering the BEST REPAIR 2015 AWARD. 


Kaspersky Virus Removal Tool boasts some impressive features

  • In the test scenario, the labs evaluated how well freeware clean-up tools can help after a malware incident. In doing so, each tool had to detect and eliminate over 120 different malware specimens in an endurance test and restore the old system to its status prior to the infection. With just under 99 percent, the rescue tool's recovery, clean-up and repair rate proved itself in a rescue situation after an infection. The average of all tools was only around 78 percent.

"If it comes to the worst, the Kaspersky Virus Removal Tool reliably helps users restore a clean system."
Maik Morgenstern, CTO AV-TEST GmbH