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Internet Security


2014 & 2015

For consumer users: Kaspersky Lab Internet Security

In addition to providing excellent security performance, in all the 2014 certification tests, the security package never had any negative impact on PERFORMANCE of the test PCs. For this, AV-TEST is honoring Kaspersky Lab with the BEST PERFORMANCE 2014 AWARD.

Kaspersky Lab Internet Security boasts some impressive features:

  • Throughout all the certification tests in the year 2014, the security solution Internet Security by Kaspersky Lab, at the height of providing a solid protection function, had no negative impact on the speed of the computer during everyday use. During its test procedures, the protection solution was running while the laboratory visited websites, downloaded software from the Internet, copied data in the Windows system and performed program installations.
  • Also in the additional test categories of Protection and Usability, Kaspersky Lab Internet Security always yielded good results, thanks to few, if any, false positives.

"Kaspersky Lab Internet Security is an absolutely reliable product that consistently met our high test requirements throughout the entire year of 2014."
Andreas Marx, CEO AV-TEST GmbH