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The AV-TEST AWARD sends out an important signal for the need for the sustainable promotion of innovations to protect systems from online attacks. The aim of the award is to motivate manufacturers of anti-virus products to optimise their products and to contribute towards increasing public awareness of the growing importance of the issue of IT security. AV-TEST presents this award in order to honour effective anti-virus products that offer a performance that contributes towards establishing current standards in the field of IT security and play an influential role in the area of prevention.


On February 1, 2017, the AV-TEST Institute is presenting awards for the worldwide best protection solutions for IT security in the year 2016. The institute's internationally recognized awards recognize the best products in the respective categories of PROTECTION, PERFORMANCE, USABILITY, REPAIR and ANDROID SECURITY.

Secucloud september 2016

The constantly increasingly number of networked devices and the variety of platforms used in the process require new measures, also in private households, for the safeguarding of personal data and protection against Web-based threats. In the enterprise environment, centrally-managed and modular design cloud security services have long since been used to address these issues. No such protection has been available to end users up to now. For the first time, Secucloud is now offering such a security infrastructure with the "Elastic Cloud Security System" for mobile devices and private homes, which end users can sign up for via their Internet provider. AV-TEST is honoring this new security concept with the Innovation Award 2016.

G DATA and Microsoft march 2016

With the cloud in Germany, Microsoft is offering a solution in compliance with strict German data protection regulations. Among other things, this is safeguarded by the company's own data centers set up in Frankfurt and in Magdeburg. The Managed Endpoint Security from G DATA, specifically geared towards Azure architecture, safeguards the protection of sensitive company data from unauthorized access. For this service, AV-TEST is presenting the INNOVATION AWARD 2016 to the companies G DATA and Microsoft at the CeBIT Exhibition in Hanover.


On February 17, 2016, for the fifth year in succession, the AV-TEST Institute is awarding the AV-TEST AWARDs to manufacturers with outstanding IT protection solutions in the year 2015. The coveted awards are presented in the categories of PROTECTION, PERFORMANCE (speed), USABILITY, REPAIR and ANDROID SECURITY.

Norton by Symantec March 2015

Prior to the download of an app, Norton Mobile Security for Android already knows all its potential risks. It is backed by a unique system consisting of the App Advisor for Google Play and Norton Mobile Insight. For this solution, AV-TEST presented the INNOVATION AWARD 2015 for Mobile Security to Norton by Symantec on March 3, 2015 at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona.


On February 17, 2015, AV-TEST is presenting the AV-TEST AWARD in recognition of the best security products. The awards are presented in the categories of PROTECTION (protection function), PERFORMANCE (speed) and USABILITY (user-friendliness) as well as in the field of ANDROID SECURITY. In addition, AV-TEST is once again honoring the laureates of the BEST REPAIR 2014 AWARD.


On 11th February 2014, the AV-TEST Institute will present the AV-TEST AWARD to the best security products providing protection against malware infections. This award honours the best home user and corporate products for Windows in the categories of PROTECTION and PERFORMANCE.

Kaspersky Lab September 2013

The security products produced by the company Kaspersky Lab have been standing out due to rapid and continuous improvements in their level of protection for many years. Kaspersky Lab was therefore recently presented with the AV-TEST INNOVATION AWARD 2013 in the category of Secure Online Transactions in recognition of its pioneering role in the pursuit of and battle against online criminals. The AWARD was presented to the CEO and co-founder of Kaspersky Lab, Eugene Kaspersky, in the German city of Magdeburg on 5th September 2013.

Lookout July 2013

The AV-TEST INNOVATION AWARD 2013 in the category of Mobile Security has been presented to the company Lookout for its special product innovations, detection of extremely important security vulnerabilities and its role as a pioneer in ensuring that apps collect less private data. The company received the award at a special ceremony in San Francisco on 19th July 2013.


On 28th January 2013, the AV-TEST Institute will be awarding the AV-TEST AWARD for the best IT security products for protection against malware of the year 2012 in the categories of PROTECTION, REPAIR and USABILITY.


On 1st February 2012, the AV-TEST Institute will award the AV-TEST AWARD for outstanding IT security products of the year 2011 for the very first time. With this award, AV-TEST will honour effective anti-virus products offering a performance that contributes to establishing current standards in the field of IT security and makes a significant contribution towards prevention in the field of data communication.