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With State-of-the-Art Technology, Expertise and Efficiency

Managing Over 2,500 Terabytes of Test Data

In order to process such large quantities of data, AV-TEST has set up high-quality and efficient technical research environment in the German city of Magdeburg.

The total office area of 1200m² is home to 3 server rooms and a variety of main and secondary laboratories. The main hub of these facilities contains the comprehensive data collection with an inventory of 250 million pieces of clean test data and 650 million pieces of malicious test data. All these pieces of data result from a collecting history that stretches back over 15 years and are joined by approx. 250,000 new pieces of malware every day

Specialist Test Laboratories

Three identically equipped test laboratories with over 200 workstations enable us to run parallel tests with different configurations. AV-TEST uses current hardware for all of its tests and does not use any virtualised PCs. Small teams of staff work on the different areas involved in testing security solutions for home users and companies, as well as mobile security solutions.

All of the technical equipment used at AV-TEST is regularly adapted to remain in line with the current status of the IT industry. We are currently already using the sixth generation of equipment since the foundation of the company. During the day, manual tests are carried out under the supervision of our laboratory staff and at night and at the weekend, our PCs are used for a variety of different automated tests.

Separate Networks

Each workstation in our laboratories uses three physically separate networks in order to meet the highest security standards and avoid accidental infections. The red network stores all test objects such as malware and has no Internet access, while the yellow network offers limited Internet access for malware testing purposes. Full Internet access is only provided by the green network, which can, for example, be used to download and update programs.

Server Equipment

Our facility is home to over 200 servers and large memory systems that boast a capacity of over 2.500 terabytes and are spread out over different levels of the building. The redundant organisation of these systems means that we can always continue our work without interruption, even in the case of failure of individual components. All important data are additionally stored on external Internet servers in encrypted form.

Automated Services

AV-TEST registers and classifies tens of thousands of URLs, e-mails and files every day. Our multi-scanner system VTEST uses 30 virus scanners to check over 2 million files every day and provide us with the latest detection results. On top of all this, we also use our Sunshine software to dynamically analyse tens of thousands of files and URLs that are still unknown and to search them for malicious functions.