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18th February 2014

30 Security Apps for Android Take On 2200 Pieces of Malware

30 current security apps for Android recently had to fend off 2200 pieces of the latest malware in...

5th February 2014

25 Internet Security Suites Are Put to the Test Using Windows 8.1

According to Microsoft, Windows 8.1 is already equipped with good tools for increased protection...

4th February 2014

The Protection Provided by Security Solutions for the Office Workplace on Windows 8 Systems

Which option provides better protection for your company PC: the protection solution from Microsoft...

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As a data supplier, AV-TEST forms an important link between its customer groups, namely manufacturers of IT security software, companies and specialist magazines. This is particularly significant because the latest results from several thousand analyses per year form an exclusive volume of information that can be processed in a wide variety of ways.

Manufacturers of IT security software use the Institute’s findings to develop and optimise their security products. In doing so, they particularly benefit from the intensity and scope of the services and data.

Companies and end users profit from the publication of transparent, accurate and honest results achieved by independent experts. The product certificates provide them with important orientation assistance in the selection of the optimal security solution.

The information provided by AV-TEST enables the editors of specialist IT magazines to publish the latest comparative tests, statistics and expert statements.