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Recognition for the best software after a malware attack.

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32 Protection Apps for Android Put to the Test

There are constant media reports about hacker attacks on smartphones and tablets, aided by infected Android apps. They always conclude with recommended protection apps for more security. But which of...

Mac OS X in the Crosshairs – 18 Malware Scanners Put to the Test

For a long time, Mac OS users believed they were safe, that there was no malware for their system. As recent as April 2012 and the flashback attack on over 700,000 Apple PCs, it is clear that...

This is how well security packages protect porous XP systems

In April 2014, Microsoft ended its support for Windows XP, although thousands of XP PCs are still running in private homes and company offices. That is why AV-TEST decided to test one last time how...


Update: The AV-TEST website update is almost complete. However, we're still working on some minor changes and optimizations.
We're updating the AV-TEST website today. It might be possible that you will get error messages during the next few minutes.
@joerg_whtvr We plan to start testing @Lookout's mobile security products for Android again in January 2015.
32 Protection Apps for Android Put to the Test -
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